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House Contents – R500 000
Vehicle – Value –  R150 000

Life Cover – R2000 000
Male aged 40

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NCJ Commercial Insurance Brokers

We have been in business since 1996. Our focus and aim is on providing tailored insurance solutions to Individuals and business clients. Personal and professional service offered is what we do best. If you need a reliable and competent insurance broker - NCJ fills those requirements.

Are you tired of dealing with a call center - or dealing with poorly trained telephone operators. We do not have a call center - or an online tracking system for you to track claims. We have a real person, who has answers all you questions and helps immediately. People dealing with people. Call us and see!!

Whether you are looking for vehicle insurance, business insurance or asset insurance: or personalised financial planning including life cover, medical aids or access to the best unit trust in SA, we are able to assist you. Our professional staff are always one step ahead - making us one of the most pro-active insurance brokers in the industry! 

WE WILL SAVE YOU MONEY ON YOUR EXISTING INSURANCE COSTS! You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting a quote. We will come and visit you to access your needs, we'll help you with your documentation ... in fact we will do everything for you!

Over the years we have developed a team of competent administrators who are dedicated to meeting your service requirements. NCJ Brokers have staff, which are specialists in the various aspects of insurance i.e. claims, underwriting and marketing.

We offer a jewellery valuation service by a professional Goldsmith. So whether you need your diamond ring insured or a gold charm bracelet we can value and insure your jewelry. When it comes to jewellery replacements we have the best manufacturers in the country working on your claim.

NCJ Insurance Brokers are small enough to care and big enough to make a difference. We pride ourselves on our ability to go the extra mile for our customers when it really counts. 

NCJ Insurance Brokers is an accredited Brokerage and hold contracts with most of the major Insurance Companies in SA, allowing us to provide flexible and highly competitive solutions. We are registered with the FSB – 3531. 

NCJ Insurance Brokers is committed to offering quality Insurance and Financial planning to all our clients, with integrity and transparency.

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Business Continuity – Buy and Sell
It is true that for many of people their Business in their biggest asset. Experience has shown that few business owners take the time to consider the practical issues of an untimely death or disability of one of the partners in the business.
This can lead to an enormous amount of stress and heartache for the existing partners as well as the family of the deceased. The uncertainty around valuation, cash flow and business continuity create many unnecessary worries.
If you are in a partnership, a joint member of a Closed Corporation - CC, or a shareholder in a PTY Ltd then you need to find out about and implement a valid Buy and Sell agreement.
A professional financial planner from NCJ can walk you through the entire process and help you implement a Buy and sell to meet the needs of your company.
Click below if you would like someone to contact you to discuss Business continuity in the comfort of your own offices.
Key Person
Many businesses recognise their staff to be the most valuable asset in their business. What would be the financial impact should a key person die or become disabled.
Profits may be affected
Clientele may be lost
The creditworthiness of the business may be affected
How can the business protect itself? The solution is to take out key person insurance on the lives of these key staff members.
Click below if you would like someone to contact you to discuss Key person Insurance in the comfort of your own offices.
NCJ Commercial has access to over 300 of the top unit trust fund managers in SA. We offer low cost access to the best of Local and international funds through one administration point.
With access to fund managers like Alan Grey, Coronation and Investec we will assists in structuring an investment to suite your personal needs that is flexible and low cost, while returning top quartile returns on a regular basis.
Weather you have a lump sum to invest, need information on retirement planning or education saving we can help
Click below if you would like someone to contact you to discuss any areas of investment planning in the comfort of your own offices.
Medical Cover
NCJ commercial cater for both individuals and companies with regards medical cover. With a wide range of plans from Hospital plans to fully comprehensive cover we are able tailor a solution to meet you personal needs.
Click below if you would like someone to contact you to discuss any areas of medical cover in the comfort of your own offices.